Kehillat Israel History

To Collect, Illustrate, And Preserve The Memories

CAPLAN (KAPLAN); ISSAC; From the Evening Herald - Shenandoah, PA: August 26, 1895
  • Ike Kaplan (of Kingston) to work for Max Supowitz
FREIBAND, NICHOLAS; From the Evening Herald - Shenandoah, PA: October 5, 1896
  • Mr. Friedband Entertains - Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Friedband, of North Market Street, entertained a large number of their friends at their residence last evening in honor of the former's election as president of the Keheleth Israel congregation. the event was a very happy one and greatly enjoyed by all present, among whom were the following: mr. and Mrs. S. Block, Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Duell, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Obelsky, Mr. and Mrs. Ike Orkin, Mr. and Mrs. Moses Goldstein, Mr. and Mrs. I. Shapira, Mr. and mrs. Max Rabinowitz, Rev. and Mrs. Mitnick, Mr. and Mrs. S. Rabinowitz, and Messrs. Louis Goldin, Moses Simmons, of New York, Abe Levine, H. and Moses Rubinsky, Philip Yarowsky, Morris Miller, Leon Rabinowitz, Harry Feinberg and Lacob Levit. Speeches were made by Moses simmons, of New York, and Rev. Mitnick, the rabbik of the congregation.
KAPLAN, KIAM (CHAIM); From the Evening Herald - Shenandoah, PA: July 18, 1896
  • Letter addressed to Kiam Kaplan remains at post office
LAUTERSTEIN; LEON; From the Evening Herald - Shenandoah, PA: November 9, 1896
  • The many guests from New York and Chicago who witnessed the confirmation, of Leon, the 13 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Isadore Lauterstein, of the Keheleth Israel synagogue on Saturday, were tendered a reception by the boy's parents at the residence on North White Street, yesterday afternoon and evening. The gathering which was comprised of a few intimate freinds of the guests and the host and hostess was a select one. At 3 o'clock in the afternoon a sumptuous dinner was served, which included all the delicacies to satisfy the inner man. A musical program was also a pleasent feature of the occassion. And the vocal and musical slections rendered by Miss Mincer were well receieved. Those present were: Mrs. Mincer and daughter, Annie, Mr. and Mrs. M. Raldinsky and Mrs. K. Seiff and son Abraham, all of New York; Mrs. Goldsless of Chicago; Mr. and Mrs. Abrahamson of St. Clair; Mr. and Mrs. Silberman, of Girardville; Miss Sadie Schoener, Mr. and Mrs. David Levine, Mr. and Mrs. H. Seif and family, Mr. and Mrs. R. Rubinson, Moses, Max and Jacob Levit, Levi Refowich, Charles Povinsky, Rev. Mitnick, Barney Friedman and Jacob Bamberger.
LEVINE, ISADORE; From the Evening Herald - Shenandoah, PA: October 31, 1896
  • Isadore, a son of Mr. and Mrs. Wolf Levine, was confirmed in the Keheleth Israel Synagogue to-day. The ceremony was performed by Rabbi Mitnick. Many people from town and throughout the county witness the ceremony.
LEVINE; ROY; From the Evening Herald - Shenandoah, PA: August 26, 1899
  • Roy, the 13-year old son of Wolf Levine, was confirmed this morning according to the rites of the Jewish faith in the Keheleth-Israel synagogue. The event was celebrated by a collation being served at the residence of the parents at which a number of friends and members of the congregation were present.
LEVIT; RACHEL; From the Evening Herald - Shenandoah, PA: August 16, 1895
  • Rachel, the seven-month-old daughter of Harry Levit, of Centralia, was buried to-day in Kehelas Israel cemetery. Services were held at Centralia.
SYNAGOGUE DEDICATION; From the Evening Herald - Shenandoah, PA: September 8, 1892
  • The Kehelos Israel Congreation will dedicate its synagogue in town Thursday, 15th, inst., at 2 p.m. The synagogue is the first to be erected in Schuylkill county and it is expected that the ceremonies will be of a very elaborate character. Rev. S. Morais, the oldest rabbi in the United states, will officiate at the ceremonies. Levi Refowich is the president of the congregation, Wolf Levine the vice president and Charles Yarowski, secretary.
SACRED CONCERT TOMORROW; From the Evening Herald - Shenandoah, PA: November 21, 1972
  • Cantor Max Lewine, of New York City who conducted services in Keheleth Israel Synagogue this morning, met with great success and was greeted with a large audience, all of whom he highly pleased. He will give a concert tomorrow evening at 7 o'cllock, in Keheleth Israel Synagogue on West Oak Street. he will give a program of Hebrew folk songs as well as selections from operas. Those who love good music should not miss this concert, as it will be a rare treat. President Orkin and Vice Prestident I. Senderoff, committee. All are invited.
REFOWICH-BLOCK LIBEL SUIT; From the Evening Hearld - Shenandoah, PA: October 7, 1899
  • The suit instituted by Levi Refowich to recover $10,000 damages for slander, against Sam. Block, was heard yesterday afternoon at Pottsville, before Aribtrators Harry A. Haag, Irvin A. Reed and Charles D. Boyer. It is alleged that Block circulated a report that Refowich received money for using his influence to heal a difference between the Sons of Abraham and the Keheleth Israel congregation of town. Mr. Refowich, the plainiff, was on the witness stand yesterday and detailed the circumstances which led him to bring suit for slander against Block. F.W. Bechtel and son, Edgar, represent Refowich, and M.M. Burke represents Block. The case has been continued until next week.
A PRETTY HOME WEDDING; From the Evening Herald - Shenandoah, PA: April 15, 1896
  • A pretty home wedding was solemnized last evening by Rev. H. Mituich (Mitnick), of the Kehelth-Israel congregation, who united in marriage Miss Laura Jacobs to Abe Brown, a blocker in the Schuylkill Manufacturing comppany's factory, at the residence of the bride on West Oak Street. The couple were unattended and the ceremony was witnessed by about sixty guests. Immeidately after the ceremony there was a reception and an elaborate uspper. The presents received are elegant and costly. Music was furnished by the Cleary orchestra. Guests from Mt. Carmel, Mahanoy City and New york were present.
THE TRUSTEES ANSWER; From the Evening Herald - Shenandoah, PA: August 29, 1899
  • In an article of yesterdays paper headed "Their Troubles Multip," we, the undersigned, will answer in a few words. in the first place, Mr. Goldman belonged to our congregation and in time of need we helped him along financially and otherwise. When sickness was in his family the Keholos of Israel congregation got Dr. Callen to attend them and the bills were paid. Mr. Goldman never paid any dues to our congregation and when trouble and discord began he was one of the first to leave us and go with the other congregation. This is the gratitude we get from such a man. When Mr. Freiband, who is president of their congregation, called to see the trustees of our congregation, they of course asked them to pay $10, and not $15, as they state. Mr. Goldman never paid any dues, but he has been paying to the other congregation regularly $1,.00 per month, and as their congregation has to foot the bill for any death that may occur among them, we of course felt that they at least should pay for the burial expenses of their members. As regards that "if Mr. Refowich would hav ebeen home this would not have occurred" we will answer the president has nothing to do with it; the trustees attend to such duties, which are final. As to their contributing lately for fixing up the cemetery of the Kehelos of Israel congregation, we did go to see them when were in need for that purpose, but only one member of the Sons of Abraham congreation donated a mite to it, while all others, even their president, Mr. Freiband, refused to donate. They also state Pottsville congregation offered the burial free of charge which is not true, for they had to pay $5 and expese of bringng the body down and for digging the grave, a total of about $15. There is no spite in our action. This case is plain, and let the public judge. Signed: H. Rubinsky; Ellis Duell; P. Greenberg - Trustees Kehelos Israel Congregation.
JEWS OBSERVE ROSH HASHANAH; From the Evening Herald - Shenandoah, PA: September 12, 1969
  • It will be appropriate any time this weeked to wish Jewish friends a happy New Year. Celebration of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, runs from Friday at sundown through Sunday. The new year is 5730 on the Jewish calendar. Services will be held at the synagogue in Shenandoah and Mahanoy City. A newly arrived rabbi, Herman Berg, will be in charge of the service for Kehillat Israel Congregation of Shenandoah. Rabbi Berg will preside at the service at 7 o'clock this evening at the synagogue. The traditional lighting of the candles will be at 6:53 p.m. On Saturday the services will be at 8 a.m. and 6:30 p.m., with the candle lighting at 8 o'clock. Sunday services are at 8 a.m.
THE UNLUCKY THIRTEEN; Fron the Evening Herald - Shenandoah, PA: September 26, 1899
  • The claim made in yesterday's Herald that at a metting held on Sunday evening at the meeting room of the Kehelos of Israel congregation for the election of President, Vice President, Treasurer and Trustees, Levi Refowich and Human Rubinsky were the contestants for President. A vote was taken and 27 members were present, and when the vote was counted, Mr. Harris Seff, who was one of the strongest supporters of Hyman Rubinsky, noticed in counting the ballots that two of them had stuck together, and at once metnioned it to all members present; no objection was then taken but on counting all the votes cast it tallied correctly 27 votes, which were all the votes case; showing nothing wrong was done and the two ballots thus accidentally mixed together, and it then showed plainly in sight of all members present that Hyman Rubinsky had received 14 and Levi Refowitch the unlucky 13, and of course this created the entire disturbance by the Refowich faction, and to show the public who is in the right we, the undersigned, who voted for Hyman Rubinsky, hereby sign our names and the public can see for themselves who is in the right the 14 who voted for Hyman Rubinsky, or the unlucky 13. We the undersigned fourteen members of the Kehelos Israel congregation, have agreed to have our names publicsed: David Levine, Harris Seff, Simon Seigel, Abe Levine, Samuel Block, Ike Orkin, secretary, Hyman Rubinsky, David Silverman, Ellis Guzinsky, P. Greeberg, Phillip Yarausky (Yarowsky), M. Rubinsky, Harry Levit, Max Friedberg.
TESTIMONIAL TO RABBI; From the Evening Herald - Shenandoah, PA: October 18, 1972
  • Rabbi and Mrs. Herman Berg, of Shenandoah, who will leave for Israel in early November where they plan to establish a permanent residence, were honored at a "Farewell Party" at the Hebrew Communicty Center on Tuesday night. Members of the Kehillat Israel Congregation of which Rabbi Berg has been the spiritual lead three years, attended the affiar coordinated by Mrs. Paul Berson, Mrs. Harry Rochman and Mrs. Ben Schoor, leaders of the congregation. Mrs. Rochman is preident of the Sisterhood. Opening remarsk and the welcome was given by Mrs. Rochman and Dr. Paul Berson, vice-president of the Kehillat congregation. The rabbi was presented with a gold watch on behalf of the congregation as a taken memento of his time spent in Shenandoah. The presentation was made by Dr. Berson. Mrs. Berg received a handbag presented by Mrs. Sayde Rudberg. Mr. B.B. Boyd presented the couple with certificates and well wishes and a special citation from members of teh Hadassah Chapter for the Mount Scopus Hospital for healing, teaching and reserach in their honor to further the work of their humane endeavors. Moved emotionally by the thoughtful gesture the rabbi spoke for he and his wife; "We are leaving with this ardent and firm reminder, as I have praye dfor you at Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, so I will always remember to pray for the congregatio at The Wailing Walls in Israel." Mrs. Sayde Rudberg conveyed the wishes of the congregation for good health, the very best of luck and "Mazel" during their lifetime in Israel. Tables were accented with autumn flowers and assorted fruits, the artistic talent of Mrs. Agnes Tacelosky, Mrs. B.B. Boyd and Mrs. Reuben Sorin. A tasty repast was served. Regional entertainers, Mrs. Henry Supowit, accpompanied on the piano by Mrs. Patrick Stanell, rendered a medley of songs.